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november 2018
the word is art
»the word is art« edited by michael petry (thames & hudson))


my work is featured in a new anthology about contemporary textart called »THE WORD IS ART« edited by michael petry the director of the museum of contemporary art in london. the book is currently available in most of the major museums shops or online.
october 2018
die horen
»die horen, ausgabe 271 & 272«

»die horen, zeitschrift für literatur, kunst und kritik« das wort beim wort nehmen

my written portrait »woman« from 2003 made it to the cover of the literary magazine »die horen«, a quarterly journal on literature, art and criticism, published since 1955 in germany.
the current issues 271 & 272 are all about concrete and visual poetry nowadays.
published artists and poets:
cia rinne, gerhard rühm, jörg piringer, anatol knotek, safiye can, arne rautenberg, nora gomringer, franz mon, franzobel, arno schlick, ilse kilic… and many more!
the books can be ordered in any bookstore (in germany, austria and switzerland) or online, for example here & here.
july 2018
merror von anatol knotek, meštrović pavilion (hdlu), zagreb
»merror« by anatol knotek (background: »allegory« by brigitte kowanz)

(in)constancy of space

5. – 22. july 2018
international group-exhibition
meštrović pavilion (hdlu), zagreb

more information

march - june 2018
museum villa rot

exhibition at »museum villa rot«

4.3. - 3.6. 2018

wed – sat 2pm – 5pm
sun 11am – 5pm

schlossweg 2
d - 88483 burgrieden - rot

more information

april 2018
das buch mit den seiten

das buch mit den seiten

my new book is published in germany by topalian & milani in april 2018

isbn: 978-3-946423-10-2
price: 28 € (germany), 28,80 € (austria), 34 CHF (switzerland)

it can be ordered in any bookstore (in germany, austria and switzerland) or online, for example here.

for international shipment (or if you are interested in the handmade special edition), please contact the publisher.

june - august 2017

artists’ books for everything

exhibition of artist's books at weserburg, museum of modern art, bremen, germany

march/april 2017
nothing lasts forever, lego

visual poetry exhibition


akademie graz
neutorgasse 42
8010 graz, austria
17. march - 7. april 2017

february 2016
nothing lasts forever, lego

a group of young hungarian artists named »tekerd!« rebuilt my textinstallation »nothing lasts forever« with more than 9000 lego bricks.

jänner 2016

»ge•fal•len« group-exhibition in hamburg

xpon-art gallery

7.1. - 31.1.2016

october 2015

»the art of typewriting« from thames & hudson

i’m very glad, that one of my typewriter poems is featured in this beautiful book.

this book mines the collection of the sackner archive of visual and concrete poetry, the largest such collection in the world. each cover displays a unique combination of two artworks.
internally, the book is divided into three main sections: an introduction to the history of the typewriter and its art; an expansive plate section showing key works and a dense reference section featuring biographies of the genre’s most influential artists and writers.

to order this book click here.

july 2015
the new concrete - visual poetry in the 21st century

»the new concrete - visual poetry in the 21st century« by hayward publishing

this anthology gives you a representative overview of concrete and visual poetry in the 21st century.
it is one of the most beautiful books my work is published in.

edited by victoria bean & chris mccabe
essay by kenneth goldsmith

paperback, 240 pages, 27 x 25 cm, 168 illustrations, design by robert boon;
isbn 978 1 85332 328 7

buy it here.

may 2015
7th international microfestival of poetry

»7th international microfestival of poetry«

may 17th to 20th
video gallery of the experimental space NoD
dlouhá 33
praha, czech republic

may 2015
hardy tree gallery

»feinde« exhibition in london

may 1st to 14th
hardy tree gallery
119 pancras road
london, uk
nw1 1un

an exhibition of contemporary european concrete & visual poetry, celebrating the contribution of austria to this tradition.

april 2015
it was here, but i wasn’t

»soap opera« in tbilisi (georgia)

»it was here, but i wasn’t« is my contribution to »soap opera«, a street-art project by mariam natroshvili and detu jintcharadze, an artist duo based in georgia.

have a look at the project on the »north and found« digital residency platform.

december 2014
friederike mayröcker, ernst jandl, kurt neumann
friederike mayröcker received my written portrait of ernst jandl as a present for her 90th birthday from kurt neumann.
(photo credit: christoph theiler)
october 2014
2 4get her 2014, by anatol knotek
»2 4get her« special edition 2014

handmade book, 70 typewriter poems, hardcover, color print, limited edition: 150 books, hand-numbered and signed by the artist, DIN A6 (4.1 x 5.8 inches)

»2 4get her« is a collection of my concrete and visual poems of the last years, written with my adler triumph gabriele 10 typewriter.
as the subtitle says, it can also be read as a drama in four acts.

for more information please send me an e-mail.

23. october 2014
transpoesie in brussels

following an invitation of the austrian cultural forum i talked about my thoughts, inspiration and works at passa porta, the international house of literature.
june - august 2014
re-writing the image exhibition

»re-writing the image« text as art exhibition in australia

town hall gallery

hawthorn arts centre
360 burwood road
hawthorn, vic 3122 (near melbourne)

start: tuesday, 17 juni 2014
end: sunday, 10 august 2014

may 2014
rotated alphabet von anatol knotek

»rotated alphabet« by anatol knotek

handmade, 26 pages, 25 x 18cm, sewn bindings, hardcover;
limited edition of 26 pieces;

each book has a unique cover, dedicated to one letter of the alphabet.

for more information or if you have any questions, please send me an e-mail.

may - july 2014
text festival bury
text festival

i take part at the international text festival in bury (uk).
three collaborative works with sj fowler and philip davenport which emerged from the »dark would« dialogues and interviews are exhibited.

more information about the text festival.

march 2014
falling alphabet by anatol knotek

»falling alphabet« by anatol knotek

handmade, 26 pages, 21,5 x 7,5cm, sewn bindings, hardcover;
limited edition of 26 pieces;

each book has a unique cover, dedicated to one letter of the alphabet.

for more information or if you have any questions, please send me an e-mail.

january 2014
wachsein von anatol knotek

»wachsein« by anatol knotek

handmade book including one poem in german language on 12 pages of differing sizes.
limited edition of 50 pieces,
hardcover, hand-bound, numbered and signed;

send me an e-mail if you like more information.

august 2013
anachronism - typewriter poetry by anatol knotek

»anachronism« typewriter-poems by anatol knotek

unique, handmade book, 16 poems, DIN A6, with sewn bindings, hardcover;

»usually a book is just a copy - but not this one. every poem is individually written with my typewriter (adler triumph gabriele 10), so each single page is unique. out of about 90 poems i chose 16 for each book, therefore also the contents varies and is never the same.«

send me an e-mail if you like more information.

summer 2013
body magazin feature
[BODY magazine feature]

features, interviews & book publications

may 2013
2 4get her typewriter poems by anatol knotek

»2 4get her« typewriter-poems by anatol knotek

handmade book, 50 typewriter-poems, limited edition: 250 books, each hand-numbered and signed by the artist, DIN A6 (4.1 x 5.8 inches), paperback;

february 2013

unique chapbook

»anachronism« typewriter-poems by anatol knotek
unique, handmade chapbook, 16 poems, DIN A6, with sewn bindings, softcover;

october 2012
art moves festival

book publications

»kunstwelten«, boesner (de)
»the last vispo«, fantagraphics (us)
»ripley's special edition 2013«, ripley publishing (uk)
»a global visuage«, edition ch (at)
12.9. - 16.10.2012
art moves festival
[photo credit: galeria rusz]

art moves festival

i take part at the international billboard festival »art moves« in toruń (poland).

»official homepage«
24.07. - 17.08.2012

group show

gallery artefakt
strauchgasse 2 (palais ferstel), 1010 vienna
opening hours: monday to friday 1pm - 6pm
poesiefestival berlin 2012

poetryfestival berlin

i was invited to make a »pecha kucha« performance at the poetryfestival in berlin. (academy of fine arts)

you can listen to the presentation »here« (in german)
february/march 2012
metro zeitung budapest

international press

interviews and articles about my written portraits have been published worldwide (canada, mexico, chile, netherlands, portugal and hungary) in the newspapers »metro«, »the telegraph« (online) and the »huffington post« (online).
1.03. - 19.3.2012
galerie artefakt 2012

exhibition in vienna:

from the 1st to the 19th of march 2012 i exhibited my work together with my father, the sculptor TEK, in the gallery artefakt in the heart of vienna.

have a look at some photos from the gallery opening »here«
august 2011
sammlung ubuweb

ubuweb: visual poetry collection:

my booklet »rotated alphabet« has been included in ubuweb's international visual poetry collection and can be downloaded for free »here«
may 2011
artikel in der heute zeitung über mich

newspaper and online-magazines:

recently my written pictures have been widely discussed in international online-magazines (trendhunter, hype-science, oddity central, lost at e-minor, et al...). further an article in the austrian newspaper »heute« was written about me and my work.

the "heute" article can be read »here« (in german).
3am magazine interview

3:AM magazine interview:

the renowned 3:AM magazine took interest in my work and published eight visual poems and an interview

read the interview »here«
anatol und maron zusammenarbeit

collaboration with márton koppány:

more information about the ongoing project can be found on our new blog
this is visual poetry chapbook

»this is visual poetry« by anatol knotek:

more information about this chapbook can be found »here«
a chapbook

»A« chapbook

a concrete poetry collection dedicated to the letter A.

limited handmade edition (50 pieces)
sewn bindings, numbered
32 pages (16 poems)
14,8 x 14,8cm
rotated alphabet chapbook

»rotated alphabet« chapbook from NO PRESS:

limited edition (50 copies)
sewn bindings, colour cover, b&w insides with red flyleaves
ausstellung in moscow
[last vispo show, l-galerie (foto: gleb kolomiets)]


»the last vispo« exhibition at »l-gallery« in moskau
neue homepage
the new homepage is online!
edition ch
(left: jürgen o. olbrich // right: "k" anatol knotek)

ein alphabet der visuellen poesie

today i received the book »ein alphabet der visuellen poesie« from günter vallaster (edition ch).
01.05. - 15.05.2010
galerie eyedrum (atlanta)
VISPO-show at EYEDRUM (photo: jeff dahlgren)
projection of my work in the background

group-exhibition eyedrum-gallery (atlanta)

selected visual poetry in various mediums from artists and writers around the world at eyedrum-gallery (atlanta)
the last vispo in budapest
the last vispo in budapest (photo: márton koppány)

gruppenausstellungen in smolensk und budapest

selections from »the last vispo anthology« on exhibit in smolensk (belarius) & budapest (hungary)
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