Austrian artist and sculptor Johann KnoTEK

Johann KnoTEK
Johann KnoTEK (1949 - 2016)
Ever since his youth, TEK has been intensively engaged with fine arts. At the age of 17, he already had his first solo-exhibition (paintings). Later on, during his extensive educational journeys to more than 60 countries, he became inspired by "African tribe arts" and by the socalled "Samen".
On principal, Johann KnoTEK worked exclusively with solid wood, always striving for harmony with material, but never submitting to it.
Johann KnoTEK was an autodidact. He put emphrasis on the combination of feminacy with nature, including erotic components as well as time-critical aspects.
In his works you can also find features of water, corals, plants, fruits etc.
TEK mainly used wood, which he more and more combined with metals. He created innovative sculptures, ranging between suasiveness and strange distance. Uncompromisingly and spectacularly he created a renewed picture of womanhood. Thus the sculpture "Liberté" - made out of plumtree-wood and copper - in order to give flexibility to the figure - shows a female with waving hair symbolizing unlimited freedom.
In his last years, he worked on a cycle called "Landscapes" ("Landschaften"). These wall-objects should harmoniously combine wood and steel and give the impression of a bird, floating across countryside, enjoying peace and quiet.
He was fascinated with the contrast of these two materials. On the one hand by the intrinsic power of the metal and its crystalline constitution and on the other hand by the soothing smoothness and structure of wood.

He was a member of "The Austrian Art Association" (Berufsvereinigung der bildenden Künstler Österreichs, Schönbrunn Palace).